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Shenandoah Roof Trends: These Are the Most Popular Roof Colors for 2024

roof color trends in Shenandoah


Is it time to switch up the color of your roof? Changing your roof’s color is the perfect time to elevate the look of your home and boost its curb appeal. So, what are the roof color trends that Shenandoah homeowners love this year that will help you elevate your home’s exterior?

Whether you are upgrading your roofing to strengthen it against the weather or you’re simply wanting an aesthetic change, here are some of the most popular roof colors in Shenandoah


popular roof colors in Shenandoah


The Best Roof Colors for Your Home in Shenandoah 

Before you choose a new roof color for your Shenandoah residence, you should consider the surrounding landscape, the architectural style of your home and neighborhood, and the local climate. The Shenandoah area is prone to hot and humid temperatures during the summer and many homeowners choose roofing colors that will help offset the heat and keep their homes cool. 


Neutral Hues: Versatile & Minimalistic

Neutral colors, such as sand, tan, and beiges will work well with a wide range of architectural styles and complement the Shenandoah climate. These warm or cool neutral tones blend with the local landscape and add a cozy and inviting feel and your home. Ultimately, these neutral hues are perfect for the homeowner who wants to incorporate a more minimalistic style and a roofing color that will blend well with the local environment. In addition, beige and sand tones will reflect the sunlight and help maintain the indoor temperature of your Shenandoah home during the summertime. 


Grey Tones: Sophisticated & Minimalistic

If you’re on the lookout for a roof color that is minimalistic and sophisticated, consider a new grey roof! Grey colors, such as pale grey or charcoal grey, are the perfect roof color for the homeowner who desires a sleek exterior vibe. Grey roofing works well with a variety of architectural styles and will help reflect the hot sun during the summer months in Shenandoah. 


Earthy Reds & Browns: Rustic & Inviting

Are you looking for a roof color that is warm and inviting? Maybe an earthy red or brown roof is for you! These tones are sure to add a touch of warmth to your home and invoke a sense of tradition and you can often find these rustic tones in Spanish and Mediterranean architectural styles. 


Black Roofing: Elegant & Striking

Or, if earthy tones and grey hues aren’t your thing, maybe a classic black roof will suit your fancy. Homeowners in Shenandoah love black roofing because it is striking and elegant. This popular roof shade adds a timeless feel to your home and creates a striking contrast against the color of your siding and any exterior textures on your home. Choosing a new black roof is sure to be eye-catching, dimensional, and sleek. 


best roof colors in Shenandoah


Superior Group Roofing & Design: Serving the Shenandoah Community 

Are you ready to upgrade the color of your roof? Choosing a local and reputable roofing company will help ensure that you are provided with high-quality and durable roofing solutions.

Superior Group Roofing & Design is dedicated to serving the Shenandoah community with top-notch workmanship, thoughtful customer service, and long-lasting and tailored home improvement solutions. Our roofing team is well-equipped to help you choose the best new roof color for your residence. Call us today to learn more about the most popular roof colors in Shenandoah! 


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